Reading Blindly: Literature, Otherness, and the Possibility of an Ethical Reading

by Jeremy Fernando


"In confronting head on the difficulties of any attempts, including his own, to reconcile individuality and ethical responsibility, Jeremy Fernando’s book provokes such crucial questions as well as setting out his position in alluring detail. The book belies its title, as it was meant to; that is a measure of its success." - Transnational Literature

“This work is responsible for initiating a new generation of reflections that make our philosophical certitudes tremble. Grappling with the implications of non-phenomenal reading, Jeremy Fernando scans the works of outstanding thinkers whose insight weighs heavily on our relation to language and world. Fernando locates the constitutive blindness that stalls the ethical imperative while giving it new meaning.” — Avital Ronell,Professor of German, English, French, and Comparative Literature, New York University;and author of The Telephone Book, Stupidity, Crack Wars, and The Test Drive

“There are no encounters in theory, it is said––for theory, whatever its claims, cannot open to the event. As Jeremy Fernando demonstrates masterfully in Reading Blindly, theory must become reading to give the encounter to thought. Here, in a rich and always-challenging meditation, reading is understood from an ethical turn that prompts us to rethink ethics itself.” — Christopher Fynsk, Director of the Centre for Modern Thought, The University of Aberdeen;and author of Infant Figures, Language and Relation, and The Claim of Language


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