Immigrants and the Revitalization of Los Angeles: Development and Change in MacArthur Park

by Gerardo Sandoval


Paul Davidoff Book Award 2013 Honorable Mention by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

"An engaging book which never shies away from the difficulties of urban regeneration. Sandoval has created finegrained, nuanced insights into the challenging but ultimately successful journey that formerly troubled communities can take towards positive change." - Urban Studies

“This book offers a new way of understanding how neighborhood revitalization can be done in a way that benefits both residents and the economy. Sandoval pioneers the use of complexity thinking as a lens to see what would otherwise be invisible—the co-evolution of a community with the city’s actions and policies. He does this through a vivid case study of the process by which remarkable positive change took place in a once troubled, poor neighborhood in Central Los Angeles.” – Judith Innes, Professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley, and author of Planning with Complexity: Introduction to Collaborative Rationality for Public Policy

“Sandoval illuminates the variations in the way city hall people and neighborhood people deal with one another. Much as they may want to support neighborhood organizations, his study reveals that city hall people are often unclear on how to do it. We need a theory of city hall-neighborhood interaction; maybe we have now found it in Los Angeles.” – Pierre Clavel,Professor of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University


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