Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia

by Miriam Robbins Dexter and Victor H. Mair


Winner of Sarasvati Award for the Best Nonfiction Book in Women and Mythology!

"[This] work illustrates well the powerful synergies that are so often generated within world history scholarship by collaboration between specialists in different regions and different scholarly disciplines ... The range of figures and myths surveyed is very broad ... Anasyrma, or the ritual display of genitalia, can be interpreted as a rite of fertility and a reminder of the return of life, but the authors also offer many examples of its use to instil a sense of both shock and fear ... learned a lot from this book’s extensive catalogue of such figures ... if such figures were truly global, then they were clearly pointing to very deep archetypes within human culture, myth, and religion. What is important about this book is the extensive evidence it presents for their pervasiveness." – Journal of World History

“In an age when too many authors depend on ‘intuitive wisdom’ or just invent ‘facts’ to support their ideas, here is a welcome book of authentic scholarship … The book includes maps of Eurasia describing where the figures originated, forty-eight illustrations and over three hundred notes that do more than merely cite sources … These are notes worth reading. … Recommended for Goddess studies researchers and laypeople alike.” – SageWoman


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