A History of Daoism and the Yao People of South China

by Eli Alberts


“The book is truly delightful…this is the first book that combines Chinese, Japanese and Western perspectives on the study of Yao identity and religion. Nice work indeed! The extremely creative interpretation, using a large amount of materials that hitherto have not attracted much attention, makes what might have been a boring topic fascinating and meaningful. This book is indeed an excellent example of the study of ethnic relations.” - Asian Anthropology

"As a pioneering book, the author does a good job of assembling various well-known materials related to Yao groups and situating them in a wider political context familiar to historians of China." - Asian Ethnology

"[This] is an important piece of work on a little studied, but very interesting subject, namely, Taoism among the non-Sinitic peoples of South China and adjoining areas." – Professor Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania

"This brilliant study by Eli Alberts has now cleared away much of the cloud that has been caused by previous, mostly impressionistic scholarship on the “Dao of the Yao”. – Professor Barend J. ter Haar, Leiden University


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