Theology, Disability, and Spiritual Transformation: Learning from the Communities of L'Arche

by Michael Hryniuk


“The field of spirituality studies has reached a new level of maturity in this interdisciplinary work of Michael Hryniuk. Deftly integrating insights from Trinitarian theology, Christian spirituality and psychology, Hryniuk looks to the last and the least in Jean Vanier’s L’Arche communities to show how vulnerability and brokenness bring us to a fuller participation in the divine life.”
– Michael Downey, author of Altogether Gift: A Trinitarian Spirituality and editor of The New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality

“This is rich and rewarding book, covering a range of issues related to the transformative power of relationships with people with disabilities. The author's own spiritual and psychological formation, augmented by his personal experience within L'Arche communities, gives the writing a power and depth sure to resonate with many readers. I heartily recommend this book! It is sure to reward.”
– Thomas E. Reynolds, associate professor of theology, Emmanuel College, and author of Vulnerable Communion: A Theology of Disability and Hospitality

“Practical theology requires close listening to lived experience while drawing many sources into conversation to understand and illuminate that experience. Hryniuk reveals L’Arche assistants’ transformation through love, inner darkness, and peace as they care for and are revealed by the community’s residents. Through phenomenology, psychology, spirituality, and Trinitarian theology, Hryniuk demonstrates how practical theology, like a well-crafted ensemble, invites us to hear many voices of interpretation to fully appreciate the power of transformation in serving the poor.”
– Kathleen A. Cahalan, associate professor, Saint John’s University School of Theology Seminary


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