Learning Japanese as a Second Language: A Processability Perspective

by Satomi Kawaguchi


"The first in-depth study of Japanese as a second language (l2) within the framework of PT [Processability Theory] ... an excellent guide to understanding PT. It demonstrates the application of PT to a typographically different language, leading to generalization of PT and deepening the reader's understanding of the L2 acquisition process through the window of Japanese L2 acquisition ... Kawaguchi provides readers with a clear rationale and sets the focus of her book withing the SLA domain without falling into fragmentation of theory and research. Kawaguchi has been at the frontier of the application of PT to Japanese ... she has now expanded the domain of PT and refined its concepts, and has succeeded in providing the reader with an overview of the development of PT and empirical evidence in this well organized book. I highly recommend this book not only to Japanese language professionals, but also to those who are keen on enhancing their knowledge on the mechanisms of language acquisition." - Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching


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