The Separation of Early Christianity from Judaism

by Marianne Dacy


"The book covers an enormous amount of material on the relationship between early Christianity and Judaism, but presents this in a highly accessible manner, clearly showing how the separation between the two emerged over time ... It is essential for the shelves of academic institutions and public libraries, and it will also be a helpful supplement to the libraries both of scholars and Christian and Jewish religious leaders." - Jewish-Christian Relations

“Marianne Dacy offers a comprehensive entry point into this world of new scholarship in virtually every phase of this gradual emergence of Christianity as a religious community with an identity that goes beyond its links with Judaism. She also highlights very well that the process of eventual separation was not simply the result of theological reflection … She also walks us through the impact of the developing new Christian identity on liturgical expression within the church. This is a most important dimension of the ‘Parting of the Ways’ for the renewal of Christian worship in our time ... Dr. Dacy's new volume will provide the reader with an excellent introduction to the many issues involved in this discussion as well as to the scholarly works that have raised them. It is a most welcome addition to a vital area of study in contemporary Christianity and Judaism.” – John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, PhD, Director, Catholic-Jewish Studies Program, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago


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