The Latin American Identity and the African Diaspora: Ethnogenesis in Context

by Antonio Olliz Boyd


"The author's analysis offers a new way to approach critical race theory.And he takes a great leap forward when he includes the results of his study, among the Gã in the village of Tabom, of the impact that the Afro Brazilian returnees had on Africans after four centuries of slavery and colonialism. This essay stands out because it introduces a new type of aesthetic to the discourse on the Afro Hispanic experience, an aesthetic that, barring discussion of Equatorial Guinea, is quite unique. The Latin American Identity and the African Diaspora affords readers a view of the diaspora that is broader and more inclusive than previous studies. While it is a necessary text for all institutional libraries, it would also make a valuable addition to the personal library of any scholar in History, Latin American or African Diaspora, or New World, Cultural, Ethnic and Racial Studies. It could appropriately be a required text for students in any of these fields." - New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids

"Unique to this volume is the scholarly presentation of the presence of a group of people in Ghana ... Undoubtedly, both this surprising feature of Latin Americans returning to the African continent and the book as a whole will stimulate further discussion on the issue of who is Black and who is Hispanic as well as generate continued, in-depth research on the relationship between two continents and their shared genotypology." - Mixed Race Studies

"Looking at blackness, aesthetics, and racism, the author treads his way with care, providing four essays that fit together well ... he links aesthetics and negritude through analyses of work by such writers as Manuel Zapata Olivella (Colombia), Junot Dkaz (Dominican Republic), Nancy Morejón (Cuba), Celestino Gorostiza (Mexico), Nicolis Guillén (Cuba), Luis Palés Matos (Puerto Rico), and Julia Alvarez and Loida Maritza Pérez (both contemporary Dominicans). Recommended." – CHOICE


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