Elementary Education and Motivation in Islam: Perspectives of Medieval Muslim Scholars, 750–1400 CE

by Eeqbal Hassim


"The scholars who wrote on elementary education focused on ideals and expectations that were anomalous to educational practice as portrayed in some historical anecdotes. Accordingly,this book argues that this idealism and the centuries old traditions in elementary education and motivation simply reflect the faith and zeal of a civilization that carried out the task of educating children with the obedience of God in mind. This is an important book for all Islamic studies collections, particularly in the areas of history, education, psychology,and Arabic literature. - Targheeb

“There are many aspects of this book that are worthy of the attention of anyone interested in the Islamic world...it speaks of a larger context of discussions of literacy in medieval Islamic society, and we gain insights into the extent to which the goals and ideals of the education of youth meshed with the aspirations and principles of other social strata and age groups...It provides an excellent glimpse of the rhythms of daily life in the medieval world.”
– Prof. Andrew Rippin, University of Victoria, Canada


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