The Lyrical Resonance Between Chinese Poets and Painters: The Tradition and Poetics of Tihuashi

by Daan Pan


"An extremely rewarding read,even an eye-opening one ... Pan’s excellent translations of numerous tihuashi (poems written on paintings), along with his incisive and nuanced commentary, show us that painting occupied a central role in literaticulture, and was at times even instrumental in that culture’s development ... The depth of insight that this book provides into the increasingly complex interrelations between the “Three Absolutes” (sanjue: poetry, painting, and calligraphy), especially between the first two, far surpasses any previous English-language study of the subject." - Journal of Asian Studies

“This is the most comprehensive and insightful study on this topic in any language and the first written in English. In addition to its scholarly value, Professor Pan’s book opens a window to a picturesque poetic world for Western readers who are interested in Chinese poetry and painting.” – Zu-yan Chen, Professor of Chinese Literature, Binghamton University

“In this book, Professor Pan provides a rare treat for the English-language reader with valuable information regarding this hitherto under-represented subject. He lucidly traces the development of this border-crossing genre from its prototype works to its maturity in the Tang Dynasty (618–907) and the subsequent expansion in late imperial China. He illustrates the tihuashi poetics of the master bard Du Fu (712–770) and that of the virtuoso poet-artist-philosopher Su Shi (1037–1101). Most remarkable of his contribution is the generous number of faithfully translated poems, all with great clarity and elegance. This book will help the reader better understand the relationship between Chinese painting, calligraphy, and poetry; the interartistic, intertextual, and interdisciplinary characteristics of tihuashi; the cultural milieu of its creation; and its intellectual significance to the Chinese literati community.” – Madeline Chu, Professor of Chinese Language & Literature, Kalamazoo College

“A special value I find in this book lies in its bilingual texts of Chinese tihuashi poems, which will not only benefit scholars and students of classical Chinese poetry but also exemplify Professor Pan’s insights on classical Chinese poetic language and the art of translating this language into contemporary English.” – John S. Rohsenow, Professor Emeritus, The University of Illinois at Chicago


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