Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a Healthier Democracy

by Anthony Gierzynski


Presenting the material in a simple, logical manner ... Gierzynski is clear to identify the symptoms by scouring the very rich literature on voting and elections ... [and] reviews the many reform ideas presented in previous research ... One of the more interesting prescriptions involves a new civic curriculum to teach the public to think of elections as a way to participate in community decisions and less as an individual expression of opinion. ... Recommended. All readership levels." - CHOICE

“Many citizens, politicians, and pundits routinely complain about the health of the political system, but few attempt a systematic diagnosis and even fewer recommend treatments. In this highly readable book, Anthony Gierzynski identifies many of the shortcomings in U.S. politics and offers some provocative prescriptions to address them.”— Paul S. Herrnson, University of Maryland

“For those anxious about the health of American democracy, they can do no better than read Gierzynski’s book, which offers a sane and informed approach to making our political institutions work better. And like a good doctor, Gierzynski wisely avoids recommending many of the conventional remedies that might do more harm than good.” — Ray La Raja, University of Massachusetts

“Unlike myopic specialists who are prone to treat only a specific part of the body, Dr. Gierzynski offers scholars, students, and laymen a holistic and rich understanding of what ails us and what we can do to make things better. This is a readable and important book for anyone who cares about the health of our democracy.” — David T. Z. Mindich, Saint Michael’s College


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