Philip Roth and the Zuckerman Books: The Making of a Storyworld

by Pia Masiero


“A well-researched and sophisticated study with an extensive bibliography… Particularly impressive is the international range of the scholarship, referring, in addition to criticism in English, to works in Italian, Spanish, and French, for which she provides her own translations … Pia Masiero’s study is impressive in its scholarship … This is a groundbreaking study of the Zuckerman books and an excellent addition to Roth studies.” – Philip Roth Studies

"Demonstrating both what a narratological approach can bring to Roth’s texts and what Roth’s work can offer to narratology, Masiero’s meticulous unpicking of the different narrative layers of the novels, and unpacking of the ambiguities of particular episodes in the novels (invariably well-chosen), produce a compelling and persuasive account both of Zuckerman’s development as a fictional author and of Roth’s development as a novelist. Lucidly written and thoroughly researched, this is one of the finest books to have been written on Roth and will be invaluable to scholars, students and general readers." - European Journal of American Studies


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