Forgotten Partnership Redux: Canada-U.S. Relations in the 21st Century

by Greg Anderson and Christopher Sands


“This book will certainly be as useful as its predecessor … offer[s] keen insights into Canadian-American affairs, taking into account various major events such as the legacy of the 11 September attacks, the world financial crisis, ballooning US debt, and President Barack Obama’s handling of America foreign policy … on the whole, the essays are sensible, perceptive and make a fitting tribute to Doran and to Forgotten Partnership.” - British Journal of Canadian Studies

Forgotten Partnership Redux is a tremendous achievement of both dedicated organization and impressive scholarship. The collection brings together a superb mix of experts with respect to Canada-U.S. nexus and the wider North American dynamic. Using the iconic 1984 book by Charles Doran as a catalyst for re-examining both convergences and divergences, the contributors tease out the complex set of mental maps and motivations, contextual conditions, and issue-specific trajectories underpinning the ebbs and flows of this often underappreciated but vital set of relations. While grounding the volume in a number of big historically informed themes relating to questions of cultural and psychological identity, material interests and strategic geo-politics, the editors extend the analysis through an appreciation of the breaks––due to both generalized world-wide structural forces and unique country-specific factors––that mark the pattern and challenges with respect to the Forgotten Partnership in the 21st century.” – Andrew F. Cooper, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo, and Distinguished Fellow, The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

“Revisiting the notion of partnership among Canada, the United States, and Mexico is rewarding and timely. In an age of towering environmental, energy, and security problems, partnership among governments is an essential path to solution. This volume’s outstanding scholars lead the way.” —Charles F. Doran, Johns Hopkins University, and author of Forgotten Partnership

“Twenty-five years after Charles Doran’s Forgotten Partnership analyzed the enigmatic relationship between Canada and the United States, Forgotten Partnership Redux revisits this relationship, examining how it has been impacted by domestic differences, two free trade agreements (CUSTA and NAFTA), two major wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), and the advent of globalization. This is an in-depth volume that promises to become the go-to reference for understanding the numerous dimensions and complexities of the current Canada-U.S. relationship.” — Tamara Woroby, Johns Hopkins University, and President of the ASCUS Executive Council


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