Landmines in Cambodia: Past, Present, and Future

by Wade C. Roberts


"Roberts is a man who clearly cares deeply about the problems caused by landmines and the fate of the rural poor of Cambodia. But this does not prevent him using an objective, quantitative approach to measure the impact of mines on those least able to withstand this additional burden. This work reinforces the principle that the problem caused by landmines is in fact, primarily, economic: their presence limits the access of the rural poor in Cambodia to safe agricultural land. Roberts' work helps illustrate the contrast between the effects of landmines and other explosive remnants of war, which are more likely to cause injury rather than deny access to land per se ... The utilisation of measuring tools such as the ones developed in this book could help rational decision making and assist in that laudable aim of 'doing the greatest good for the greatest possible number'." – Dr. Robert Keeley, author of The Economics of Landmine Clearance


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