Communication in Theatre Directing and Performance: From Rehearsal to Production

by Jennifer Lanipekun


“Dr Jennifer Lanipekun has maintained an infinite, multidisciplinary curiosity into what makes communication successful in terms of an artistic performance. Her approach has been focused on finding a simple, context-sensitive way to illuminate the moment-by-moment dynamic process by which a director and the cast use the rehearsals as a means of working towards a somewhat shared, collaborative vision. Notwithstanding the personality of the director, it is clear from Dr. Lanipekun's data that what emerges from the process is based on a critical creative tension between all the participants, with ownership shifting towards the cast as the rehearsals proceed towards the first public performance. This book draws on a lifetime’s professional insights as performer, teacher and researcher. It is a highly readable, engaging narrative and will reward all those who share an interest in how collective artistic performance is characterised and infused by the essence of human design.” – Graham F. Welch, PhD MA BEd(Hons) CertEd, Established Chair of Music Education and Acting Head of Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, International Music Education Research Centre


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