Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost: Exploiting Hip Hop and Using Racial Stereotypes to Entertain America

by Benjamin P. Bowser


“Benjamin Bowser has trained his keen eye in an unexpected direction, examining the underground youth music of hip hop and gangsta rap. It is not surprising to anyone who has followed his work that he has emerged from years of fieldwork with fresh and challenging observations. This book will startle, inform, and expand the discourse on the motives, meanings, and impact of the music. I highly recommend it!” — Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Columbia University

“Finally, there is a rigorous examination of some of the most powerful social influences of the decade, hip hop and gangsta rap. Passionately and provocatively written, the critical analysis provided by Bowser offers the much-needed clarity about this social phenomenon. Students and faculty desiring a comprehensive and thought-provoking argument illustrating the exploitation of hip hop will be blown away by this book!” — Gina M. Wingood, Emory University

“It is not easy to find a book that covers all angles of both rap music and the music industry’s influence behind its controversial content. I am delighted that there is now a book that brings clarity to hip hop and its music, both of which have been misunderstood, misrepresented, and exploited for commercial gain. After reading this book, one will be able to make quality decisions on what you will and will not listen to and what you will and will not purchase. In writing about a subject on which everyone has an opinion, the research behind this book substantiates Bowser’s observations and will advance the debate. This is a must read for students of music, Africana studies, sociology, anthropology, and any subject that deals with music in modern culture.” — Michael E. Woods, Hamilton College

“Benjamin Bowser’s timely and groundbreaking work illustrates the links between hip hop and social movements and, most importantly, points out the forces working against Hip Hop artists from being effective contributors to peace and justice in this country.” – Elena Serrano, Program Director, EastSide Arts Alliance, Oakland, California


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