Digital Media in East Asia: National Innovation and the Transformation of a Region

by Carin Holroyd and Kenneth Coates


"Provides a wide-ranging introduction to the various issues raised and presented by the digital revolution, with a focus on East Asia. ... The book is definitely one to recommend to interested students of East Asian Studies and New Media Studies...the book is of great current value."-Asiascape: Digital Asia

“Makes timely and valuable confirmations of this new trend … aptly traces and documents the historical evolution of digital media, including insights and ideas embedded in digital media in the East Asian context. … An accessible book with rich information. Several aspects highlight the value of this comprehensive book in understanding digital media in the region. First, this book is confirmation that the role of governments in science and technology remains and even intensifies amid neoliberal reform. … Second, the book’s structure deserves readers’ appreciation. This is technically not a comparative study; however, by paralleling four major countries’ major innovation strategies in the development of digital media, it dexterously provides comparison figures of some key issues so that the readers easily comprehend the nature of the development in East Asia. Last, but not least, this book offers an insightful perspective for understanding the future of East Asia in the realm of digital media. … Overall, this book provides the readers with a generous abundance of information on digital media and content in the East Asian context. It is well-researched and presented and makes a convincing contribution to a growing body of literature on digital media studies, East Asian Studies, and information technology policy … highly recommended.” – Pacific Affairs


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