Climate Change Politics: Communication and Public Engagement

by Anabela Carvalho and Tarla Rai Peterson


“This book is a major contribution to the field of climate communications. Through its use of the perspective of agnostic pluralism, it opens up a new approach to the now stale psychological reductionism that is predominant in climate communications. Through their focus on both theoretical models and the demonstration of these approaches in a series of case studies, Carvalho and Peterson have initiated a new and extremely fruitful line of work that communications scholars need to build upon.” – Robert J. Brulle, Drexel University

“Carvalho and Peterson’s edited book examines the cultural and political dynamics of how ‘climate actions’ are formed, mandated and enacted. This welcome collection of critical scholarship further unravels the naïve belief that political action follows knowledge, that more (consensual) climate change science leads to clearer and easier climate policy. Case studies drawn from around the world offer evidence of a counterargument: that by re-expressing the terms of political confrontation in society the idea of climate change can, and perhaps should, revitalise moribund democracies.” – Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge

“Intervening just at the right time, this volume successfully retrieves needed dynamism and character of ‘the political’ and ‘the cultural’ in ongoing climate science–policy interactions. In three strong acts along with an insightful introduction, contributions to Climate Change Politics: Communication and Public Engagement effectively take readers beyond well-worn laments of science-policy woes and into emancipatory spaces of possibility and innovation in order to confront twenty-first-century climate challenges. For those reasons, this book edited by Anabela Carvalho and Tarla Rai Peterson is one to be considered carefully and closely as we collectively hurtle down shared pathways to our common future.” – Max Boykoff, University of Colorado-Boulder


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