Art Activities for the English Language Classroom

by Theresa Catalano


"Art Activities for the English Language Classroom is an incredibly good resource for the language teacher. It presents a wide array of activities that enable the teaching of languages to non-native speakers by methods that are both effective and enjoyable. Targeted capacities include: vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening. Many, if not most, of the activities and exercises are likely to be new to the repertoire of even the most experienced teacher.

An instructor can easily imagine him/herself using this book. The introduction speaks to the instructor in a lively way, providing a context for the use of art activities in the teaching of languages. A strong feature of the book is the clarity and explicitness of the directions for each activity. Suggested adaptations to room type, age, and level of economic resources take into account the many and varied situations language instructors may face. A teacher who picks up this book and scans the more than 70 activities presented will want to get started using them as soon as possible!"
- Mary Ann Lamanna, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Nebraska at Omaha

"In Art Activities for the Language Classroom , Theresa Catalano has created a versatile program that can be used as either the sole textbook, or as an ancillary set of ideas and activities in the second language (L2) classroom. Presently designed for an ESL environment, the program and its activities can easily be applied to any L2 class. The goal of this unique program is using the creation of art as a language learning technique. Although art is the medium of instruction, language learning clearly remains the goal. Through art, Catalano’s activities address core topics and skills such as vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and culture. In addition to the multitude of creative and original classroom activities, Catalano provides clear procedures to guide the instructor and student."
– Carolyn Gascoigne, PhD, Foreign Languages Chair University of Nebraska at Omaha

"This book, which is meant for language learning in general, and not just for ESL, is worth its weight in gold. It is all-inclusive, appealing to all senses and skills, melding them together in one unique, connected, language-learning experience rather than in an isolated and disconnected vacuum. It provides whole-brained experiences, catering to both right and left-brained users. In short, it: covers all learning styles – visual, auditory, kinesthetic; covers all language skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary; covers all senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste; covers a variety of essential topics and uses a variety of meaningful, personal, in-context activities, and linguistic approaches."
– Gail Baker, M.A. Linguistics, TESOL, ESL Coordinator, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, Nebraska


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