Grounded Theory and Disability Studies: An Investigation Into Legacies of Blindness

by Simon Hayhoe


" The sustained and innovative reflective practice evidenced throughout this book represents a vital contribution to the domain of research methodology, and it will be received gratefully by researchers with an interest in forms of educational or social segregation, personal insights into cultural development, the attitudinal responses of research subjects to being the focus of rigorous academic interest, and the ways in which institutions and their practices are researched." – The British Journal of Visual Impairment

“Presents a very real picture of what it is like to conduct fieldwork, with the pressures of limited time and funding in a volatile political climate … the book is a strong representation of many of the real life issues faced by researchers conducting in-depth qualitative research. The book would provide fodder for very interesting classroom discussions in qualitative methods classes, both within and outside disability studies programs.” – Disability and Health Journal


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