Reel Writing: Using Movies to Teach the Creative Writing Process

by Karla Hardaway


"I used this curriculum to teach an elective at my school last year. When I entered the room each day, my students’ faces were so expectant . . . It made me love teaching again." — Danielle Bryant, Secondary English Teacher

"The viewing guides keep students’ watching the entire movie. Then when it’s time to write, students have all the details they need to write stories, skits, movie reviews, essays and more. Everything the teacher needs is there—even the grading rubrics." — Debbie Gibson, Secondary Social Studies Teacher

"My teacher tricked us! We had no idea we’d have to write so much! We thought we’d just watch movies. But the class was really fun." — Thomas Carlson, Student in Film as Literature Class

"This book is a complete package and such a life-saver for today’s busy teachers. Whether you’re using a movie to complement a novel or basing an entire course off this unique approach, you will be pleased with the results." — Jennifer Watson, Secondary English Teacher

"This curriculum provides students much needed opportunities for creative and imaginative ways of producing new knowledge and understandings about the world around them. As a pedagogical practice, the aesthetic dimension this curriculum supplies elevates student awareness and offers new modalities for student expression while engaging them in their own learning." — Nichole Bourgeois, Assistant Principal in charge of Curriculum, Parkway High School


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