Infected Korean Language, Purity versus Hybridity: From the Sinographic Cosmopolis to Japanese Colonialism to Global English

by Koh Jongsok and Ross King


"Ross King’s new translation of Koh Jongsok’s collection of linguistic essays is a timely and welcome addition to the growing body of work available in English questioning the dominant narrative of Korean linguistic homogeneity or 'purity.' Koh is considered the leading exponent of the uniquely Korean form of writing known as ono pip’yong (language criticism), nine examples of which make up this book. They are translated into precise, readable prose by Ross King, an experienced translator of Korean linguistics and literature ... This collection is an excellent, if polarising, introduction to many of the more controversial issues in contemporary Korean language studies. Despite perhaps niche subject matter, Koh’s personal delivery and consistent focus on the bigger picture serves to make this accessible and relevant to those with any interest in contemporary Korean society and identity, particularly their interaction with language." —British Association of Korean Studies

“This is wonderful work in an overlooked area. The scholarship is brilliant, innovative, and highly specialized––one must be well prepared in modern Korean, premodern Korean, and Chinese to undertake such a work. This is a real masterpiece!” —Mark Arlen Peterson, Brigham Young University


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