Music, Politics, and Nationalism In Latin America: Chile During the Cold War Era

by Jedrek Mularski


"This original and highly engaging study of the connections between Chilean music and politics is a must read for anyone interested in recent Chilean, Latin American, or cultural studies. It offers fresh insights into Chilean history, culture, and politics from the1960s to the present. An additional bonus is the author's careful and insightful discussion of the music and lyrics, which illustrates the deep connections that exist between the two and the historical context in which they were created." – Margaret Power, Professor of History, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Music played an essential role in defining identity in Chile, including one’s political alignments. In this groundbreaking book, Mularski illuminates how specific forms of music became associated with the Right and the Left and helped instill opposed political identities as the society moved into civil conflict. His extensive research includes tapping into the rich resources of obscure archives and oral histories. This book provides an original interpretation of the Allende era that is superbly told, with insights on how songs from that period still incite conflicting, politically charged emotions. However, the book covers far more than just the Allende era; it traces a background from the 1930s into a period of stunning creativity in the 1960s. This is an original and important book in the study of Latin American cultural memory.” – Michael Monteón, Professor of History, University of California at San Diego


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