The Rimbaud of Leeds: The Political Character of Tony Harrison’s Poetry

by Christine Regan


This is a lucidly written and structured book which sheds genuinely new light on a poet rightly described as a singular presence in contemporary British poetry. —The Modern Language Review

"Meticulously researched ... an unusually astute and impressively well informed guide to the poetry. Even those well versed in Harrison’s work will, I suspect, depart this volume with new insights and new knowledge in hand ... In the age of Trump and Brexit, there is a certain pathos to seeing this one time member of the ‘white working class’ prove so inclined to side with postcolonial peoples in their struggles with the architects of the post-war order. ... Regan’s work offers many new and valuable insights." —English - Journal of the English Association

“Beautifully conceived and written …Illuminates one of the most important poets of our time.” — Professor Edith Hall, King’s College London


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