US National Security: New Threats, Old Realities

by Paul Viotti


“By expanding the notion of national security beyond long-standing issues of interstate warfare, to include emerging challenges such as criminal networks, cyber threats, and space warfare, Paul Viotti’s new book is an important addition to the national security debate. His discussion of the contentious issues of civil-military relations—grounded on the Founders’ understanding of civilian supremacy, and how the military should be integrated into civilian society—is masterful.” —John Allen Williams, Professor of Political Science, Loyola University Chicago

"Paul Viotti magnificently blends comparative concepts of security with realistic analyses of cooperation in challenging contexts. His persuasive and balanced argument highlights the subjectivity of decision-making, and is backed by exceptional scholarship and practical experience. By framing critical policy choices in terms of socially constructed threats, he makes the case for integrating technology and the use of force with broader considerations of power and influence." —Colonel Thomas A. Drohan, USAF, Head, Department of Military & Strategic Studies, the United States Air Force Academy

"Paul Viotti brings a wealth of knowledge and keen insight to this engaging survey of U.S. security policy. He reminds us, importantly, that our policies emanate from ideas grounded in interests, and that both are socially constructed. In a period of change affecting threats, strategies, and institutions, U.S. National Security is an essential guide."—Robert E. Williams, Jr., Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University


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