Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde: The Impact of Philosophy on National Culture

by Christian Rubio


"Krausim and the Spanish Avant-garde is a comprehensive study that aims to illustrate the long-lasting effect that this German philosophy had on Spanish society by revisiting two key factors: educational reforms and aesthetical analysis. Rubio’s work underpins a groundbreaking understanding of the artistic and social movements of this era. Rather than separate them in different generations, Rubio entwines them together with the same guiding thread: Krausism. … an innovative study that confronts the traditional understanding of culture in Spain during the turn of twentieth century. Rubio´s new approach to Spanish cultural studies fits better within the European context because the author places Spain on the same level as other countries, rather than separating it from the rest of the continent. Rubio demonstrates that Krausism and its evolution within the Spanish cultural landscape effectively invigorated and reshaped national culture. … Rubio’s work provides a new thread of discussion in Spanish cultural studies and illustrates the need to revisit traditional understandings of the field." —Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature

"In Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde, Christian Rubio argues convincingly that Krausism had a practical effect on everyday life and in literature—that it provided a non-religious alternative to harmonize tradition and modernity. It was a pragmatic Kantian idealism that advocated, among other ideas, democracy and equalitarian marriage. Previous critical work on Krausism has focused on its impact on realism. The novelty of Rubio’s study is that it extends its influence to postrealism movements like modernism (in the Anglo sense of the term), the avant-garde, and women’s right’s literature. This book is a must read for those interested in the influence of Krausism and Kantian philosophy in Spanish culture during the early twentieth century.” —Salvador A. Oropesa, Professor of Spanish and Chair of the Department of Languages, Clemson University

“Christian Rubio's book is a groundbreaking contribution to the study of the Spanish avant-garde by unravelling its remote Krausist sources of inspiration. The shifting relationship between Spanish ethics and aesthetics and European cultural change, and its specific local re-significations, is thoroughly mapped out in this study. By focusing on influential figures of the national intellectual life through this innovative prism, this book sets a new benchmark in the field of cultural studies.” —Gregorio Alonso, Lecturer in Spanish History, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds

“Christian Rubio's Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde is a timely reminder of the remarkable and long-overlooked staying power of a movement that set out to unlock humankind's creative potential. Written in a highly accessible manner, the book provides valuable insight on how Spanish thinkers adopted, transformed, and developed a European philosophical movement until it became an intrinsic part of culture in Spain. Rubio’s book achieves that rarest of balance: a thought-provoking study for students and seasoned scholars alike.” —Henriette Partzsch, Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow

“Christian Rubio provides a refreshing, clearly articulated and well-researched study on the impact of Krausism on Spain and the avant-garde movement via the notion of 'Europeanization,' while he challenges traditional critical trends that persist with categorizing Spanish literature within generations. In addition, Rubio devotes a much-needed, entire chapter on Krausism’s impact on Spanish women, while at the same time underscoring the importance of the often overlooked contributions by Rosario Acuña and Carmen de Burgos. This important book is a necessary reference for anyone interested in Krausism, the Spanish avant-garde, and Spanish history and culture at the turn of the twentieth century.” —Mark P. Del Mastro, Chair and Professor of Hispanic Studies, College of Charleston


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