Restoring Thucydides: Testing Familiar Lessons and Deriving New Ones

by Andrew R. Novo and Jay M. Parker


Restoring Thucydides is an outstanding book that makes Thucydides accessible and resoundingly refutes the popularized notion of a ‘Thucydides trap.’ Novo and Parker’s rich rendition gives context for The History, rescuing it from pinched readings and giving us access to even more valuable lessons about great power competition that entails ‘fluid alliances, diplomatic realignments, and conflict proceeding in fits and starts as rival domestic parties grappled for power.’” —Kori Schake, Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

“In this book, two scholars coming from different academic disciplines have clearly leveraged their relative expertise to produce an incredibly learned treatise on the ways in which Thucydides’ text is typically (mis)treated by scholars and non-scholars alike. The originality of the arguments advanced provides even scholars who have studied Thucydides for years much fresh insight on virtually every page.” —Scott A. Silverstone, Professor of International Relations and Deputy Head, Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy

“This well-written book will add to the knowledge and understanding of Thucydides whom many consider to be the ‘founding father’ of the discipline of international relations. The authors’ deep understanding of Thucydides, along with their use of different translations as well as primary and secondary sources, make this an excellent scholarly book. It is a succinct, readable reinterpretation of a classic international relations text. In addition to being a useful summary of the value of Thucydides for contemporary readers, it is also a much-needed corrective to a simplistic interpretation of Thucydides.” —Dan Caldwell, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Pepperdine University


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