Deglobalization and International Security (paperback edition)

by T. X. Hammes


"Provides an often sobering look at the changes the world is experiencing and the challenges it presents to both military and civil readers. Tying in rapid economic change to larger picture strategic considerations, this work is a good read for academics as well as those in leadership roles in the armed services or industry." —Naval Institute Proceedings

"T.X. Hammes has written a thought-provoking book about the revolutionary impact that advancements in science and new weapons of war will have on societies, the world order, and the United States. His ideas about a Fourth Industrial Revolution and the 'deglobalization' it will spur should be considered and debated by security professionals the world over—particularly those in the U.S. defense establishment. Highly recommended!" —Robert O. Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense

“Blending his usual provocative thinking with penetrating insights into future technological developments, Dr. Hammes offers a perceptive look into our future. The implications of this assessment are both lucidly presented and profound. Deglobalization and International Security will surely prove invaluable to Congress and the defense policy community.” —F. G. Hoffman, Ph.D., Foreign Policy Research Institute

“This is a remarkable book. Timely, extensively researched, and wide ranging, it addresses interacting challenges that will have profound economic, political and security implications. Not only are these already happening faster than many realize, but they are accelerating. Dr. Hammes raises important questions about current and planned U.S. force structure, the rising costs of intervention, and the changing character of war. I recommend it highly. ” — Linton Wells II, Visiting Distinguished Research Fellow, National Defense University


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