American Foreign Policy and National Security

by Paul R. Viotti


"With his new volume, Professor Paul Viotti has made an important contribution to the study of national security and the decision making process that underpins it. At the very outset, he explains he is not seeking to present any new theory of foreign policy, but quickly pivots to the sometimes elusive world of the decision makers themselves and what drives them and why. The academic and practical world has often in recent years parted company. Professor Viotti seeks, through case studies and exhaustive analysis, to get them reacquainted." —Amb. Christopher R. Hill, former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs and former US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Poland, Macedonia, and Albania

“Paul Viotti’s latest book American Foreign Policy and National Security brilliantly weaves together the manifold threads that go into the making of American foreign policy. Both beginning students and accomplished scholars have much to learn from this approachable and lucid study.” —David C. Hendrickson, Professor of Political Science, Colorado College

“In our time, international relations have become confused, indeed, utterly complex. Thinking about foreign policy now is a difficult matter, and reductionism (i.e., a limited single answer—or a few of them—to the how and why) is a very large temptation. And given American politics these days, reduction to personality (or disorders thereof), is an even greater temptation. In this book, Paul Viotti resists these temptations, while duly acknowledging the import of considering them, and he instead insists that students of foreign policy consider the virtues of rigorous rational analysis of the traditional sort.” —Kenneth D.M. Jensen, Senior Research Associate, Foreign Policy Research Institute


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