Veblen in Plain English: A Complete Introduction to Thorstein Veblen's Economics

by Ken McCormick


"Valuable for students in the history of economics and the social sciences who are looking for a clear, concise guide ... Recommended." - CHOICE

"Direct, lucid and succinct, the 144 pages succeed marvelously in presenting a coherent presentation of Veblen's system of thought ... the reader will finish with a thorough understanding of how to apply Veblen's analysis to interpret their world." - Journal of Economic Issues

"This is a wonderful piece of work ... the author has done a great job at making Veblen accessible. I would love to have the text for my students and will certainly adopt it." - William Waller, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

"Although scholars disagree about the significance of his work, interest in Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929) has not decreased … Professor Ken McCormick’s study of Veblen’s economics is intended for the student and the non-specialist." – Professor Rick Tilman, Northern Arizona University and author of Ideology and Utopia in the Social Philosophy of the Libertarian Economists


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