Obesity and Its Related Diseases in China: The Impact of the Nutrition Transition in Urban and Rural Adults

by Xiaoping Weng and Benjamin Caballero

About Xiaoping Weng

Xiaoping Weng is a consulting data analyst at the Kaiser Permanente Foundation in California. She holds an MD from Shanghai Medical University in China, an MHS in Biostatistics, and a PhD in Human Nutrition from Johns Hopkins University.

Among Dr. Weng's awards are first place for Best Original Research Award in the Section of Nutritional Epidemiology at the Experimental Biology Conference, (Washington, DC, 2004), the Harry D. Kruse Fellowship in Nutrition (Johns Hopkins University, 2004), and the Harry J. Prebluda Fellowship in Nutritional Biochemistry (Johns Hopkins University, 2004).

About Benjamin Caballero

Benjamin Caballero is Professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Caballero holds an MD from University of Buenos Aires, an MSc in Human Nutrition from University of San Carlos, and a PhD in Neuroendocrine Regulation from MIT.

He has published extensively in the field of public health and his awards include being a United Nations University Fellow, a National Institutes of Health (USA) Fellow, and a member of the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society. Dr. Caballero has also been listed in Who’s Who in Science, won First Prize for the British Medical Association Medical Book Competition in 1999 for his book, Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, and most recently, the 2006 Ancel Keys Prize, International Public Health Nutrition.


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