Internet Popular Culture and Jewish Values: The Influence of Technology on Religion in Israeli Schools

by Lawrence Sherlick and Junhao Hong

About Lawrence Sherlick

Lawrence Sherlick is a lecturer at SUNY Buffalo in Communication where he received his Doctorate in Communication. Dr. Sherlick’s main interest is examining interactions and conflicts among international communication, new technology, and popular culture, and how they affect the individual user.

About Junhao Hong

Junhao Hong is Associate Professor in the department of communication at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. He holds a PhD from University of Texas at Austin and an MA from University of Windsor, Canada. is the author of “The Internationalization of Television in China,” (Praeger, 1998), the first systematic study of China's television, the largest and one of the most complicated television systems in the world. He has also written a number of chapters in edited books and more than a dozen articles in refereed journals, including Media, Culture & Society, Telecommunications Policy, Gazette-The International Journal for Communication Studies, Media Development, Asian Journal of Communication, Asian Survey, and American Journal of Chinese Studies.


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