Democratization in Confucian East Asia: Citizen Politics in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam

by Zhengxu Wang

About Zhengxu Wang

Dr. Zhengxu Wang is Senior Research Fellow at the China Policy Institute (CPI) in the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at University of Nottingham. His research centers on Chinese politics, focusing on political reform and democratic changes. He holds a PhD in political science and education from University of Michigan. In addition to this publication, Dr. Wang is also editing two books on political reform and democratization in China. His other publications include articles in major academic journals, including Journal of Contemporary China, Issues and Studies, Japanese Journal of Political Science, and International Review of Sociology. In addition to his forthcoming publication from Cambria Press, Dr. Wang is currently working on book projects on China's government, citizen values, and China's foreign policy. Dr. Wang also frequently appears on TV, radio, and newspapers to comment on China and regional issues.


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