The Duke of Queensberry and the Union of Scotland and England: James Douglas and the Act of Union of 1707

by Collins McKay

About Collins McKay

Dr Collins McKay began his university career at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he received his PhD. He earned a first class honours degree in modern history and won the Percival Agnew and Keith Morton memorial prizes, among other honours. Dr McKay’s extensive research at Drumlanrig castle—the birthplace of the Duke of Queensberry—is presented in this book; it is the only biography of the most influential political figure associated with the making of the Act of Union of 1707. Dr McKay is firmly connected to the idea of ‘the lad of parts’, founded in the period discussed in this work, which celebrates the concept that even those from the humblest of backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of Scottish University and life—an idea that Dr McKay believes is still very much alive.


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