Effective Customer Relationship Management: How Emotion Drives Sustainable Success

by Amy Sauers

About Amy Sauers

Amy Carson Sauers is Director of Marketing, Customer Analytics for the financial startup, Revolution Money, Inc., an organization that is working to radically shift the balance of power into consumer’s hands in the credit, debit, and payment arenas. Dr. Sauers contributes her marketing science expertise to uncover customer potential and help drive business strategy. Before joining Revolution Money, Dr. Sauers founded The Customer Dr., a market research consulting and growth strategies firm. She was also a consultant for the Swedish firm, Georgson Strategy and Brand Management Group. Dr. Sauers earned her Ph.D. in Marketing Communications from the University of Connecticut. She is a winner in the International Association of Business Communicators’ “Call for Papers” Program, and has presented her research at various conferences.


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