Social Network Structures and the Internet: Collective Dynamics in Virtual Communities

by Dongyoung Sohn

About Dongyoung Sohn

Dongyoung Sohn is currently an assistant professor in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University. He received his PhD and Master of Arts degree in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin and his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. He has been working on several research projects that focus on the social dynamics of multiagent interaction systems, like virtual communities, and the psychological impact of communication technology on individuals. His research interests include the social psychology of communication technology, diffusion of innovations, collective behavior, and quantitative research methods. His work has appeared in the Journal of Communication, Journal of Advertising, Psychology & Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, International Journal of Advertising, and Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising, among others.


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