Social Movement to Address Climate Change: Local Steps for Global Action

by Danielle Endres, Leah Sprain, and Tarla Rai Peterson

About Danielle Endres

Danielle Endres is an assistant professor of communication at the University of Utah. Danielle’s research and teaching interests lie in the intersection of rhetoric, environmental communication, social movements, and Native American cultures. She is currently working on several projects including a book on the rhetoric of nuclear waste siting decisions, documenting oral histories of nuclearism in the American West, and tracing the intersections between environmental justice and energy policy in the US. Danielle’s work can be seen in Communication and Critical Cultural Studies, Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, Western Journal of Communication, and Local Environment. Danielle received her PhD in communication from the University of Washington, her MA in communication from San Diego State University, and her BA in history from the University of Oregon.

About Leah Sprain

Leah Sprain is an assistant professor of communication at Colorado State University where she also works with the Center for Public Deliberation. Leah’s research and teaching draw on cultural communication perspectives to study deliberation, environmental activism, conflict, and social movements. She has extended ethnographic fieldwork in Nicaragua and the United States. Her work can be found in the International Journal of Public Participation, Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, and the Handbook of Communication Ethics. Leah received her PhD and MA in communication from the University of Washington, and her BA in environmental studies and BFA in communication from Pacific Lutheran University.

About Tarla Rai Peterson

Tarla Rai Peterson holds the Boone & Crocket Chair of Wildlife and Conservation Policy at Texas A&M University. She is also a professor of Environmental Communication at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and an adjunct professor of Communication at the University of Utah. She is associate editor of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture and is on the editorial board for the Quarterly Journal of Speech. Her areas of expertise include sustainability and public participation in collaborative management of natural resources. She seeks to (1) enhance citizens’ abilities to understand science and technology; (2) provide them with a working knowledge of relevant political structures, rules, and laws; (3) strengthen their communication competence; and (4) encourage them to participate in the development and implementation of environmental policy. She also works independently with natural resource managers and regulators, inviting them to engage in joint learning processes by contributing technical guidance to ensure that members of the public are always aware of relevant rules and laws that will impact policy recommendations. Her publications include Green Talk in the White House: The Rhetorical Presidency Encounters Ecology, Sharing the Earth: The Rhetoric of Sustainable Development, and numerous articles. Tarla received an interdisciplinary PhD (emphasis in environmental rhetoric) and her MA from Washington State University, and a BA in American history from the University of Idaho.


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