The Communicative Relationship Between Dialogue and Care

by Marie Baker-Ohler and Annette Holba

About Marie Baker-Ohler

Marie Baker-Ohler is a lecturer in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University, and she teaches organizational and interpersonal communication. She holds a PhD from Duquesne University. She is particularly interested in the philosophy of communication as it pertains to both interpersonal and organizational contexts, and her research focuses on all traditions of dialogue and narrative and their relationship to human engagement. Her publications include a book chapter in Philosophies of Communication: Implications for Everyday Experience.

About Annette M. Holba

Annette M. Holba is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Plymouth State University. She holds a PhD from Duquesne University. Her publications include Philosophical Leisure: Recuperative Praxis for Human Communication and Lizzie Borden Took an Axe or Did She?. Her coedited books include Philosophies of Communication: Implications for Everyday Experience and Media and the Apocalypse. She has also published articles in The Review of Communication, Human Communication, Speaker and Gavel, Florida Communication Journal, New Hampshire Journal of Education, Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, World Leisure Journal, and the Pennsylvania Speech Communication Annual.


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