Thomas Traherne and the Felicities of the Mind

by James Balakier

About James Balakier

James Balakier is an associate professor of English literature at the University of South Dakota. He holds a PhD and an MA from Ohio University and a BA from St. Vincent College. Dr. Balakier’s previous publications include The Competing Epistemologies of Thomas Traherne and Thomas Hobbes: The Grounds of Felicity; Traherne, Husserl, and a Unitary Act of Consciousness; James Thornhill’s The Glorification of William and Mary: A Newtonian Spatial Allegory, which was coauthored with Dr. Ann Stewart Balakier; and The Spatial Infinite at Greenwich in Works by Christopher Wren, James Thornhill and James Thomson: The Newton Connection, which was also coauthored by Dr. Ann Stewart Balakier.


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