Governing the States and the Nation: The Intergovernmental Policy Influence of the National Governors Association

by Mitchel Herian

About Mitchel Herian

Mitchel N. Herian holds a PhD and MA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and a BA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Since 2008, Herian has been a research specialist at the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. At the center, he conducts policy-relevant research for federal, state, and local governmental entities. His work consists of a range of activities such as surveys, field experiments, laboratory studies and the facilitation of public participation into governmental decision-making. His scholarly work has primarily focused on intergovernmental relations, attitudes toward government, and examining determinants of state policy. Dr. Herian’s work has been presented at numerous national conferences and has appeared in a number of peer reviewed and practitioner outlets.


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