Behind Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet: A Life in Letters: Volume I: The Early Years: 1940–1965

by Janis Haswell

About Janis Haswell

Janis Haswell is a professor of English at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. She holds a PhD from Washington State University, an MA from Gonzaga University, and a BA from Seattle University. Dr. Haswell’s previous publications include Paul Scott’s Philosophy of Places(s): The Fiction of Relationality, Introduction to the Raj Quartet (co-authored with Janet Popham), Pressed Against Divinity: W. B. Yeats’s Feminine Masks, and Authoring: An Essay for the English Profession on Potentiality and Singularity (co-authored with Richard H. Haswell). She also has published in journals such as Yeats Annual, College Composition and Communication, The South Carolina Review, The Journal of Teaching Writing, Antigonish Review, Studies in the Novel, and Transformations.


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