Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a Healthier Democracy

by Anthony Gierzynski

About Anthony Gierzynski

Anthony Gierzynski is an associate professor of political science at University of Vermont and the director of the Vermont Legislative Research Service of the James M. Jeffords Center. He holds a PhD from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Gierzynski’s previous publications include Money Rules: Financing Elections in America, and Legislative Party Campaign Committees in the American States. He has published in several journals such as Legislative Politics Quarterly and American Politics Quarterly and is also the author of several book chapters. Dr. Gierzynski was a member of a number of research teams that have been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation and the Joyce Foundation to study campaign finance. He was also an expert witness in court cases involving campaign finance laws for the State of Vermont (Landell v Sorrell (548 U.S. __ [2006])) and the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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