Africans in China: A Sociocultural Study and Its Implications for Africa-China Relations

by Adams Bodomo

About Adams Bodomo

Adams Bodomo is Professor of African Studies at the University of Vienna. Prior to this appointment, he was Associate Professor of Linguistics and African Studies at the School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong (HKU). He earned his PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology after obtaining his bachelors and masters degrees at the University of Ghana. He worked at Stanford University as a lecturer before joining HKU. Dr. Bodomo’s previous book publications include The Structure of Dagaare (Stanford University CSLI Publications) and Computer-Mediated Communication for Linguistics and Literacy (Information Science Reference). He has published in several leading journals, such as China Quarterly, African Studies, African Diaspora, Linguistic Inquiry, Lingua, and Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. Dr. Bodomo has been an invited lecturer on the topic of Africans in China and general Africa-China relations studies at several leading universities, including Stanford University, Yale University, SOAS, and Peking University.


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