The Political and Economic Sustainability of Health Care in Canada: Private-Sector Involvement in the Federal Provincial Health Care System

by Howard A. Palley, Marie-Pascale Pomey, and Owen B. Adams

About Howard A. Palley

Howard A. Palley, PhD, is professor emeritus of social policy at the School of Social Work and is a distinguished fellow at the Institute for Human Services Policy at the School of Social Work of the University of Maryland. He has authored or coauthored a number of studies on health service delivery policies and long-term care policies in the United States, Canada, Sweden, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Ukraine, and Israel. His current research is on the delivery of health care services in Canada. His publications have appeared in International Journal of Health Services, International Political Science Review, Journal of Health and Social Policy, Inquiry, Health and Social Work, Publius, Social Service Review, Social Policy and Administration, The Milbank Quarterly, and the Journal of Aging and Social Policy.

Professor Palley has served on the Science Advisory Board of Health Canada and is a member of the state of Delaware Health Facilities Authority. He has received Fulbright Awards to the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Ukraine. Professor Palley has written widely on the subject of the development of health care programs and policies as well as on long-term care programs and policies for the elderly and the disabled in the United States and internationally (including nursing-home care, in-home care, and community-based care). He is coauthor of The Chronically-Limited Elderly: The Case for a National Policy for In-Home and Supportive Community-Based Services and the editor of Community-Based Programs and Policies: Contributions to Social Policy Development in Health Care and Health Care-Related Services (Routledge, 2009).

About Marie-Pascale Pomey

Marie-Pascale Pomey is a professor in the Department of Health Administration in the Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine. She holds an MD from the University Paris VI and a PhD in Public Health from the Université de Montréal and the Université Paris V. Dr. Pomey has published on diverse topics, including medications, primary care medicine, regionalization, the governance of health systems, privatization of care, accreditation, the participation of users, governing boards for quality management and patient safety, wait times, and the relevance of care. Dr. Pomey approaches the Québec, Canadian, and French health systems from a comprehensive perspective.

About Owen B. Adams

Owen B. Adams is Vice President of Health Policy and Research at the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), based in Ottawa, Ontario. Since joining the CMA in 1990, he has contributed to the association’s research and policy development in the areas such as physician resources, health system financing, and health reform. He holds a PhD in population health, an MA, and a BA in sociology from the University of Western Ontario.


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