Tough Times for the President: Political Adversity and the Sources of Executive Power

by Ryan J. Barilleaux and Jewerl Maxwell

About Ryan Barilleaux

Ryan J. Barilleaux is Paul Rejai Professor of Political Science at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He holds an MA and PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA (summa cum laude) from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Dr. Barilleaux is the author or editor of nine previous books, including The Post-Modern Presidency, Power and Prudence: The Presidency of George H.W. Bush, and The Unitary Executive and the Modern Presidency, as well as over thirty articles and book chapters on the presidency and other aspects of politics. He was chair of the Department of Political Science at Miami University from 2001 to 2009 and was also an aide in the United States Senate.

About Jewerl Maxwell

Jewerl Maxwell is Associate Dean of the Center for Lifelong Learning and an assistant professor of political science at Cedarville University. He holds an MA and PhD from Miami University, and a BA (summa cum laude) in history, political science, and public affairs from Muskingum University. Dr. Maxwell teaches courses in the American presidency and constitutional law. His previous research focused on the use of executive orders and civil rights policy.


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