2119 – The Year Global Democracy Will Be Realized

by Leif Lewin

About Leif Lewin

Leif Lewin is Johan Skytte Professor Emeritus of Eloquence and Government at Uppsala University, Sweden. He has published more than thirty books on democratic theory and practice, including The Swedish Electorate (Allmqvist & Wiksell), Governing Trade Unions (Harvard University Press), Ideology and Strategy (Cambridge University Press), Self-Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics (Oxford University Press), and Democratic Accountability (Harvard University Press), as well as articles in Critical Review, European Journal of Political Research, European Review, and Scandinavian Political Studies. Dr. Lewin is former Dean and Vice-Rector of Uppsala University and a member of academies and learned societies such as The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Academia Europaea. He is the founder of The Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science.


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