Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History: Revisiting Impulse, 1950–1970

by Thomas K. Hagood and Luke C. Kahlich

About Thomas Hagood

Thomas K. Hagood is internationally recognized for his writings on the history of and policy for dance in American higher education. His publications include A History of Dance in American Higher Education: Dance and the American University, Margaret H’Doubler: The Legacy of America’s Dance Education Pioneer, and Legacy in Dance Education: Essays and Interview of Values, Practices and People. Dr. Hagood is founding president of the National Dance Education Organization, founding past president of the Florida Dance Education Organization, and founding editor of the Cambria Press Dance Series, which he coedits with Luke C. Kahlich.

About Luke C. Kahlich

Luke C. Kahlich is emeritus professor and former chair of dance at Temple University. Dr. Kahlich has also served on the faculties of Texas Tech University and Kansas State University. He served as a member the Dance Standards Task Force and as consultant for state, federal, and private entities. Luke authored the dance entry for the Encyclopedia for American Studies and was developmental editor of Human Kinetics’ IMPULSE: The International Journal of Dance Science, Medicine and Education and the Journal of Dance Education. He was the first full-time executive director of the NDA and a founding member of the NDEO, receiving the first NDEO Leadership Award. He is past president of the American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA) and CODA.


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