Performance, Theatre, and Society in Contemporary Nicaragua: Spectacles of Gender, Sexuality, and Marginality

by Alberto Guevara

About Alberto Guevara

Alberto Guevara is Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies in the Department of Theatre at York University. Originally from Nicaragua, Dr. Guevara’s academic and artistic work has focused on the intersections of performance and politics. Under the Nicaraguan Sandinista government, he participated in a cultural brigade and received training at the National Theatre School. Dr. Guevara holds an interdisciplinary doctoral degree (Theatre, Communications, and Cultural Anthropology) from Concordia University. His work centres on interconnected areas, comprising the theatricality of power, performance and nationalism, indigenous art and performance, the aesthetics of violence and affliction, the body in performance, and ethnographic methods.

Dr. Guevara has collaborated with various inter-cultural theatre organizations including Mise au Jeu (Montreal), Dalit Theatre (Nepal), Théâtre autochtone Ondinnok (Montreal), Chocolate Woman Collective (Toronto) and Nyxtayoleros (Nicaragua). Professor Guevara has published in Visual Anthropology Review, The Applied Theatre Researcher/IDEA,, and 452F: Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature among others. His film work has been shown internationally at venues such as DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Planet in Focus Environmental, International Film and Video Festival, aluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival, Re-frame International Film Festival, The RAI: Royal Anthropological Institute International Festival of Ethnographic Films, and ASPEKTY.


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