Hybrid Lives of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts: A Critical Reader

by Mary Elizabeth Anderson and Doug Risner

About Mary Elizabeth Anderson

Mary Elizabeth Anderson, PhD, MFA, is Assistant Professor of Theatre at Wayne State University. Her essays about performer training and site-specific performance have been published in About Performance, Australasian Drama Studies, Brolga: An Australian Journal About Dance, Canadian Journal of Practice-based Research in Theatre, Journal of Dance Education, Research in Drama Education and Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, and her essays about performance and community have been included in African Theatre: Diasporas and Embodied Consciousness: Performance Technologies. Coauthored works with Doug Risner have appeared in Arts Education Policy Review, International Journal of Education & the Arts, and Teaching Artist Journal. Dr. Anderson is also the author of Meeting Places: Locating Desert Consciousness in Performance.

About Doug Risner

Doug Risner, PhD, MFA, is Professor of Dance at Wayne State University, where he teaches pedagogy, research, dance history, and professional practice coursework. His research focuses on the sociology of dance training and education, teaching artistry, curriculum theory and policy, social foundations of dance pedagogy, and online learning and web-based curriculum design. He has published extensively, including in the International Journal of Education & the Arts, Teaching Artist Journal, Research in Dance Education, Arts Education Policy Review, Dance Research Journal, Journal of Dance Education and Dance: Current Selected Research, and in numerous international volumes. Dr. Risner is the author of Stigma and Perseverance in the Lives of Boys Who Dance and the associate editor of the international journal, Research in Dance Education.


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