Symptoms of Disorder: Reading Madness in British Literature 1744-1845

by Ilaria Natali and Annalisa Volpone

About Ilaria Natali

Ilaria Natali teaches at the University of Florence and at the University Institute “Carlo Bo” (Florence). She has long been interested in genetic criticism and analysis of modern manuscripts, with particular attention to James Joyce’s poetry and prose works. More recently, she has engaged in studying madness in English literature and has just completed a book about eighteenth-century English poetry. So far, her research has been published in three books and various articles and has received two scholarly awards.

About Annalisa Volpone

Annalisa Volpone teaches English Literature at the University of Perugia (Italy). She has written on modernism and postmodernism (in particular on James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Vladimir Nabokov); on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature (Mary Wollstonecraft, William Blake, S. T. Coleridge and P. B. Shelley). Her research interests include the interconnections between literature and science, in particular neuroscience.


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